Generate Revenue, Meet Sustainability Goals and Facilitate EV Deployment

We are a tech-enabled solutions provider empowering organizations to reduce the cost of fleet electrification, build lasting sustainability into their operations, and achieve corporate environmental objectives through participation in low carbon fuel and environmental crediting programs.

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Our streamlined approach, market knowledge, and intuitive platform make ambitious decarbonization goals attainable by amplifying impact on revenue, sustainability, and electric fleet deployment.  

Impact on Revenue

Our team of experts and turnkey process help you fund your electrification and environmental mandates with ongoing revenue from your current EV fleet.

Impact on Sustainability

Transportation electrification is an effective way to reduce scope 1 carbon emissions from operations, and our strategic approach incorporating regulatory expertise helps clients capture the full benefit. Our expertise spans multiple environmental markets including renewable natural gas, EV credits, carbon credits, and renewable energy credits.

Impact on Deployment

We help you meet your transportation electrification goals free of the associated administrative burden, while supporting the business case for additional EV investment.

Who Can Benefit

  • Fleet owners and operators
  • Logistics providers such as ports and distribution centers
  • Supply chain operators
  • Utilities
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Transportation agencies

Driving Decarbonization

As a transparent sustainability partner, we help a wide variety of clients optimize fleet value and revenue while removing administrative burden. Large organizations can uncover even greater value through our holistic approach to their renewable transportation fuel and energy objectives, incorporating a range of local and national environmental attribute programs and incentives. We are with you at every step of the process to ensure your program participation is generating the greatest possible return while leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Fleet or Charger Owners

We help companies generate revenue and reduce scope 1 and 3 emissions through our streamlined approach to LCFS and other programs. From program enrollment to data gathering to revenue distribution, we do the heavy lifting and allow fleet owners to focus on their operations.


We offer vehicle manufacturers comprehensive solutions to meet their environmental compliance, ESG, and revenue generation objectives. This includes facilitating the sale of electric and H2 vehicles to customer fleets, incorporating renewable credits to maximize compliance with scope 1, 2, and 3, and optimizing investments to maximize credit generation.


We help utilities offer comprehensive solutions so their customers can take full advantage of regional LCFS programs. In both compliance and pre-compliance markets, we work with utilities to maximize financial incentives right from the start.

Key Staff

Our team includes established experts in the renewable energy and EV markets, with specialized knowledge of low carbon fuel programs and how to maximize benefits to stakeholders.

Joseph Cannon

Vice President, Environmental Products, EV Markets

Joseph Cannon joined Element Markets in 2021 as the Vice President of Environmental Products, EV Markets. He leads efforts to bring new value to fleet customers by capitalizing on new and expected environmental commodity opportunities. Prior to joining Element Markets, Joe spent the previous 10 years working with industry-leading organizations in providing on-road and off-road electric vehicle charging hardware and software solutions, leading business development, product management, and strategy development efforts. He brings an additional 10+ years of clean technology experience working on emerging power generation and energy efficiency technologies. Joe graduated with honors from Cal Poly SLO with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and holds an MBA from UCLA. He is based in Southern California.

Randy Lack


Randall Lack is a successful entrepreneur within the environmental commodity and alternative energy industries for almost two decades. In 2005, he co-founded Element and currently serves as Co-President. Mr. Lack’s extensive experience in structuring environmental commodity transactions including biogas, emissions, renewable energy credits, and greenhouse gases has eclipsed $1 Billion in total transactions completed, which has led him to be recognized as one of the top executives in the environmental markets. Randall is an acclaimed speaker and media resource in the areas of Biomethane, Renewable Energy Credits, Greenhouse Gas Trading, Regional Emission Markets, and pending emissions legislation and was a founding Board Member of the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition. In 2013, Randall was awarded the recognition of 40 under 40 by the Houston Business Journal recognizing him as one of the most influential young people in business in Houston. He received his BBA in Business from the University of Houston.